Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The Petition To Remove Donald Trump.... Add Your Voice.

I am a republican who voted for Donald Trump.  And at this point I consider that to be one of the poorest choices of my life.  You can call me a Never Trumper if you'd like; if you do, you are a part of the problem.  Donald Trump is our President, not our Emperor.  Blind faith is for Dictators, not the leader of the free world.  We are a nation built on compromise and respect for diversity of opinion; not a nation where we hate others' for not agreeing with us.   But this is the world that Donald Trump has constructed.

I won't reiterate the plethora of reasons that Trump is a threat to our country.  But from all of his broken campaign promises....remember Mexico paying for our wall?  To the war he just started to distract from his necessary impeachment....  The time has come for Trump to be removed.  He is a maniacal sociopath, and is driving this country into the ground.  I won't list the reasons; If you're a Trump supporter you won't listen to anything that doesn't come from his propagandist Twitter feed or the White house extension that is Fox News.  If you aren't, I don't need to explain why.

This is my attempt to let those in charge in Washington know how those of us who are not members of the Trump Cult feel.  An attempt to gather voices, in the hope we will make enough noise to be heard.

My kids and I started this page two months ago as a project, and have had blast with it.  As of today we have nearly 600,000 views.  And we have learned a surprising amount about the Internet, how it works, and how it affects the real world.

What I can tell you is that the web has great sway over politicians.  They no longer go door to door to see what their constituents want; they visit Twitter.  They go to Facebook.  Reddit.  They look at message boards.  Because good or bad, in today's world, when Americans have something to say, that is where they say it.

What we want to do is turn this into an Ark of sorts.  It's really very simple.  If you see this in a similar fashion to what you've read here, leave your thoughts in a comment below for the world to read.  Right below this article, you'll see a little widget with the Facebook and Twitter and Google+ icons.  If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, click them and share them. If you Tweet, do so with with the hashtag #TakingAmericaBack

It's a simple process.   If dozens share it, the search engines pick it up.  If hundreds do, it gets notice.  If thousands do, it will trend.  Thousands of people will see this article.  If enough people share this.... and there are dozens of places to do so.... it will become an open letter to the folks in Washington who hold our future in their hands.  A petition.  Please help us spread this message... to save our country.   And don't stop there.  talk to your friends and family.  Not just here bit in the real world.  If we all open one set of eyes, that will be the difference.  Trump won in 2016 primarily on 3 states.... Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio.  And he won them by a combined 100,000 votes.  We will do our part, and get this in front of at least that many people.  But ours is just one voice.  We need yours as well.  Even if you don't agree... comment.  Don't just call us human scum.... tell us why.  They may not be able to find compromise in Washington, but we can amongst ourselves.  People will read this.  And they will read your comments.  Please don't make this a smear page; this is a place to share your message.


  1. Oh no.....jobs, higher wages, lower unemployment, strong foreign policy, fair and vastly improved trade deals, holding terrorists accountable.....oh no!!!!!

  2. I feel so dumb for reading this article and bad for waisting the time it stole from my life. Thank you though for reminding me of what complete dumbasses Democrats are.