Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Proof that Anti Trump Polls Lie

This is an unexpected part two to a post we made several days ago.  You may have seen that post;  we called it #RealTrumpPoll.

It was a poll with more ten of the most commonly polled questions in America in recent weeks.  Why?  Because we found ourselves questioning the validity of the polls we saw on TV on a daily basis.  51% of Americans want Trump Removed Was one we very much questioned.  His approval rating was another.

And on what do we base these questions?  Am I one of those awful horrible terrible Conservatives who want to use our guns to blow up the world?  If you ask our friends in the liberal media, the answer would no doubt be yes.  I am, in fact, a conservative.  I am, in fact, the worst kind... I fully support President Donald Trump.

Read more and Poll results here.


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