Thursday, 16 January 2020

Damning Recordings Of Trump Leaked

Lev Parnas is a name we are all becoming all to familiar with.  Currently under indictment by New York's 7th district, Parnas has been front and center on cable television recent days, granting interviews with both Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper.

The interviews were explosive to say the least, implicating, among others, President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Attorney General William Barr, and Senator Devin Nunez in everything from being active parts of the pressure campaign on Ukraine to illegal surveillance of Marie Yovanovich.

Throw in a substantial amount of "evidence" that Parnas shipped over to the House of Representatives just prior to the transfer of Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, and Parnas has suddenly made himself a front line news story.

But what was mildly incriminating evidence has now taken on the hue of an actual smoking gun with the leak of three audio recordings that Parnas apparently turned over to the House, which are now making the rounds on Social Media and being referred to as "The Parnas Tapes", an obvious nod to Watergate. (#ParnasTapes on Twitter)

Included in the recordings is a conversation with President Trump himself and Parnas, with the the Quote "He just needs to announce the d*mn investigation!" highlighting the circulated recordings.

Also leaked were a conference call with Parnas and Rudy Giuliani and an associate of Senator Devin Nunez and a conversation with Connecticut Republican Robert Hyde.

No statement has been issued as yet by any of the involved individuals.


  1. A deep state plant, handwritten notes, and audio tapes, OH MY! Really think President Trump didn't see this coming a mile away. Like Wile E.Coyote's ACME Roadrunner trap. It's inevitably going to blow up in the dims face. MEEP MEEP!

    1. Yet again...another blind Trump cock rider

    2. Blind??? how many times does Trump have to prove himself innocent due to the constant accusations and outright BS lies spread by the Dimbocunts before you get it...would seem obvious you are the blind one...or paid shill...
      I say paid cause it is hard to believe anyone could be so ignorant..unless being paid to.