Thursday, 9 January 2020

Bizarre news: A man's anus swallows a bottle

A man who took himself to hospital after a bottle got lodged in his anus claimed his anus swallowed the bottle whilst he was trying to relieve an itch!

Pics shows: The bottle of Liu Shen cologne water removed during the surgery; Doctors in China have removed a glass bottle from a man???s gut after he inserted it into his anus for sexual pleasure. The unnamed patient was rushed to hospital after the 7-inch bottle went up his rectum and disappeared into his body, with the man unable to retrieve it. According to images carried in local reports, the man???s choice of object was a Chinese-made bottle of Florida Water by the brand ???Liu Shen??? - literally ???six gods??? - which in recent years has also made a name for itself in the international market. A scan of the man???s torso shows the cologne water bottle lodged inside the man???s body at an angle - after he had inserted it top first into his anus for sexual pleasure, reports said. Another photo showed the bottle, which was missing its label, having been retrieved from the patient???s body and lying on a medical trolley next to bloody instruments. The man is understood to be in stable condition after the scare. This is not the first time Liu Shen Florida Water has made headlines as a sex toy. In 2016 another Chinese man from Zhengzhou, capital of Central China???s Henan Province, also lost a bottle of the fragrance in his body after ramming it up his anus. He had punctured his large intestine in the process and nearly lost his life, the Zhengzhou People???s Hospital reported. Just last week, doctors in China had to remove a huge aubergine from a man???s body after he lost the fruit in his rectum in similar circumstances.
Picture: Asia Wire. Man's anus swallow bottle.

The man who has not been identified, and is in his 60's, had used a 2 Inch wide bottle to scratch himself and ended up with the entire glass bottle in his rectum. Claiming the bottle accidental got sucked up.

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