Sunday, 5 January 2020

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Poor Response to Country on Fire.

The Australian Prime Minister has caused rage across the country due to his nonchalant and ineffectual response to the devastating fires which have taken human lives as well as countless animals including decreasing the population of native animals.

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Over half a billion plants and animals have already become victim to the enraging fires in Australia.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was originally taking a vacation while his country was on fire.

Victims of the fire have portrayed their anger to the Australian Prime Minister.

Whether people want to believe this or not, this is a result of global warming and as a human race we need to do our bit to prevent further climate change that have resulted in such a devastating events.  We need to offer our help to those currently being affected and hope that this doesn't happen to the rest of the world.  There's every chance it could if we don't step up now and take responsibility of our own individual actions.

Greta Thunberg talks about Australian Wildfires.


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