Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Whistleblower Exposed! And You're Not Going To Believe This.

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The whistle blower has been exposed.... by another whistle blower.   Names have been tossed around not quite freely, but they are out there.  For a time it was CIA Analyst  Eric Ciaramella, who was stationed at the white house.  Rand Paul, Breitbart, and Even Donald Trump, Jr. dropped his name publicly.  Now that we see the origins of that information, we are forced to accept that, to some degree, President Trump may very well have been right with his "Deep State" theories.  Perhaps not as encompassing as he thinks, but it appears there were, in fact, people working against the President.  But we'll get back to that.

The next name tossed around was Melanie Honcharenko.  A Ukrainian diplomat who no one had heard of who was apparently scheduled to appear in the impeachment hearings earlier this month and then actually turned up dead.  Only.... she wasn't the whistle blower, either.  In fact, she wasn't even a diplomat.  She didn't even die.  Because she didn't even exist.  We hear the term "Fake News" so often, often more as a diversionary tactic than an actual factual label, that we've become all but immune to it.  But this was the real deal.  Dropped by a site called... get this... The White House Insider.  I couldn't make this stuff up.  Don't take my word for it;  follow the link and see. 

Slight of hand.  Misdirection.   The beginnings of the cracks have begun to show through now.  Not from Trump's minions.  Lindsey Graham?  Matt Gaetz?  Idiots.  In all honesty, they are the reason i doubted Trump's theories initially.  They have about as much credibility as the actual minions.  The little yellow squeaky ones.  Go back and look at Graham's comments on Trump during the election.  

But with the release of inspector general Michael Horowitz's report, we see that there were some genuine shenanigans going on at the FBI.  Unlike most of America, I had the report.  These weren't all accidents.  These were lies.  Not by everyone; this wasn't a systematic event.  The whole FBI wasn't involved,  We're talking about a few bad apples.  But the corruption is there.

But today the pieces came together.  The most recent whistle blower, through his/her attorney ( And you can't blame them for coming out via an attorney;  one thing that's become abundantly clear is that anonymity is hard for a whistle blower to maintain)

Among the items outlined in the new whistle blowers statement, and sit down, because some of these accusations are absolutely stunning (And for the record, we haven't verified these yet, but apparently there is a treasure trove of documentary, audio, and even video evidence, and we know that Allen Dershawitz is not one to take on just any client, much less a card carrying democrat):

  • This whistle blower is not only a card carrying Democrat. but works for a high level Democrat.
  • The original whistle blower is a concoction.  Not a fake person, but someone who was working with no fewer than 3 members of the House of Representatives and One Senator; the Senator actually being a Republican.  According to this witness, there is a group of individuals in Washington who do actually believe that President Donald Trump is corrupt, one of whom the witness claims is the anonymous author of "A Warning".
  • All told, according to this individual, the group, who actually call themselves "The Resistance" number almost two dozen and span four different agencies and branches.
  • According to this witness, who apparently not only has first hand information, but recordings and documentation of such, the majority of the leaks from the White House have originated with this group.
  • According to this witness, at least one former President and the spouse of one former president are not only aware of the activities, but at least marginally involved.
  • According to this witness, the leaks of Ciaramella and Honcharenko's names were put forth by this group.
  • This group is apparently withholding a significant amount of evidence, which the plan to release at points in time they feel will be most damaging.

It's hard to know what to think at this point.  But... as much as I hate to say it... it makes sense.  As I read through this, all I could think of was the Anonymous author telling us there are adults in the room.  Even if they believe President Trump to be corrupt, why fight corruption with corruption?  In this age of information, why not just put what they have out and let the public decide?  Why must it all be so cloak and dagger?  For now they've only done one thing.  Proved the President right.

And so what happens now?  Of course we haven't seen a mention of this on the liberal networks.  CNN and MSNBC wouldn't touch this with a 50 foot pole.  And why would they?  It's their kryptonite.  Fox is apparently holding off until the evidence is revealed.  Which also makes sense;  if they drop it before that, the Liberal media, which is  far more pervasive, will simply label it a "conspiracy theory".  But this isn't a time to be politically correct.  As we speak, Donald Trump is being impeached.  This is information America needs, Liberals and conservatives alike.  This is the age of information.  We no longer have to rely on media sources more interested in their bottom line than in truth; and yes, I'm even referring to Fox.  The secret is you and I.  I am trying to shine a light on this.  So can you.  We just need to use the tools we all have.  We all have phones and Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds.  There are more social media outlets than we can count.   If this matters to you... if you're tired of the political games these higher ups play; then to hell with them.  Spread the word.  Facebook it.  Tweet this.  Tell your friends.  I don't care about the media outlets reasons for controlling the flow of information.  Do you?

Retweet.  Spread the word.


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