Sunday, 22 December 2019

Bizarre News - School Girls Weird Christmas Tree Hair do

A school girl was told to take the Christmas lights out of her hair or go home.

The 13 year old Manchester student went to school with  a beehive style hair-do and Christmas lights wrapped around in a tree like fashion. However the teachers at the school weren't impressed and asked her to remove the lights or go home.

School orders girl to go home or take Christmas tree out of her hair
Picture source MEN

The School Headteacher marked it as inappropriate for school, however the young girl, Poppy Leigh just wanted to spread some Christmas cheer before breaking up from school for the Christmas holidays.

She created the bizarre style by using a water bottle and wrapped her hair around it.

She reminds me of something out of The Grinch..

Would you go out in public like this?

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