Monday, 9 December 2019

Are You Unpatriotic If You Don't Support Trump?

Never Trumper.  That's a thing now.    Wikipedia defines it as a conservative who doesn't support Trump.  Urban dictionary provides us a one word definition.... "Patriot."  (Politics aside, that is a bit comical).  Trump himself has referred to them publicly as "human scum".  Fox News as a whole seems to see the term in a similar fashion to the President.  Maybe more so;  listen to Judge Jeanine or Hannity use the term.  To them it seems sacrilegious.  The liberal networks tout it as a badge of honor.

So let's take partisan views out of it and look at this as Americans.  Is it unpatriotic to oppose Donald Trump?  On the surface it seems like an almost unamerican point of view.  This is the United States.  The greatest democracy in the world.  This nation is built on the principles that we are free to believe what we choose.  Isn't that why we have elections?

Donald Trump is a president of catch phrases and sound bytes.  In large part it's why we elected him.  He speaks the language of America circa 2019.  People here can't be bothered, for the most part, to think for themselves.  We all have our pocket issues, and they steer our beliefs.  You love your guns?  You're a Republican.  Hannity is the voice of God and Fox news is your Bible.  You believe in abortion?  Congrats.  You are a card carrying Democrat.  Chris Cuomo is cannon and MSNBC will tell you what to believe.  Enjoy listening to Wolf Blitzer ramble about breaking news every time a republican farts.  Fox viewers will be busy listening to Kellyanne Conway blaming Adam Schiff and Hillary if it stinks.

Why the ramble about the "news" networks?  Because they're the biggest part of the problem.  Here's a bit of breaking news.   None of them.... not Fox News, not CNN, not MSNBC... are news.  These are cable entertainment networks.  They exist for profit.  What you see between the commercials is a product meant to attract advertisers.  They dramatise everything.   Why?  Because it pays very, very well.  They condense the facts into the aforementioned 3 second clips for our consumption.  NO one here can be arsed with details or truth or facts.  And Trump knows this.  The man is no fool.  He is the product of popular media, good and bad.   "Never Trumper"  is an amazing sound byte.  Almost magical.

Look at the impeachment proceedings.  Literally every witness who had a single thing to say other than Trump praise earned the label.  But seriously?  Some of these people are American heroes.  Their claims were substantiated by facts and years of experience.  All of that becomes irrelevant if they disagree with Trump?  And before those of you who are no doubt seeing red and attaching the label to me as we speak... I do not agree with the impeachment.  I find it to be pointless and moronic.  There is no doubt in one single American's mind how this is going to play out.  The House is going to impeach Trump on party lines.  The Republican Senate is going to acquit him on the same party lines.  Facts have no bearing on any of this.  Should he be impeached?  Maybe.  We've been listening to the White House tell us that other countries have no business in our elections for years, and it's pretty obvious that Trump and his band of merry men had a whole campaign to do just that.

And please, don't hit me with this ridiculous notion of Trump the anti corruption warrior.  It is literally the stupidest notion floating around.  Is Ukraine corrupt?  Very much so.  But Trump is concerned with exactly two cases of corruption;  the guy running against him and his kid.  Biden is the ONLY person who's corruption Trump cares about.  But... this is Trump.  If you voted for him because of his fine moral character you're a moron.  He's a low life.  He's always been a low life.  But... he has accomplished his fair share.  He's not a businessman, he's a hustler.  Can you be upset because he's hustling?  Of course.  Again.... America.  But don't blame a dog for being a dog when we elected him knowing he was a dog.

But back to the subject at hand.  It's not unpatriotic to oppose Trump.  Just the opposite.  Ironically, Urban dictionary hit it on the head.  Not because it's patriotic to oppose him, but because it's patriotic to have.... and be able to have.... your own opinion.  Trump is going to do what he does.  You want it to stop?  Think for yourself.  Don't buy into what is essentially opposing propaganda factories.  Stop living in sound bytes.  Learn.  Understand.  Be an American.


  1. Yes, you are unpatriotic against the United States of America.

  2. It's unhuman to support the vile, morally repugnant bolsheviks who refuse to accept the outcome of an election and who have been gaslighting the American people for over three years.
    It is unhuman to support these viciously devious and pathological monsters who antagonize a nuclear armed nation, provocing a war that would likely destroy humanity just as cover for their own criminal behavior all being instigated because they lost an election.
    So Patriot or not becomes moot.
    This is about far more than patriotism or the lack of it.